Kristian Solli is a photographer with a broad experience, and has worked with clients including Mills DA, KUNST, TVNorge, The Flyfish Journal (US), Det Norske Kokkelandslaget, Loop Tackle Design Europe, BEEF! Magazine (DE), HOOKED.NO, VAK Magasinet.

Kristian started his photographic journey in 2005 and was self taught before completing a two year program in commercial photography at Bilder Nordic School of Photography (2009 - 2011). He is still thriving to develope his knowledge and creativity, and to dive deeply into the creative process is his true joy of a photographic project.

Kristian is also an outdoor enthusiast and fly fisher, and has been to several exotic fishing destinations around the world, from the freezing Russian tundra to the tropical areas of Mexico. From 2012 - 2013 he took a one year program specializing in outdoor life, health and security. All the love and need for nature has led to a growing interest in trail running and ultra marathons, and Kristian hope to do a ultra marathon race in a couple of years.

He has also played in several bands and has a great interest in music, both as a consumer and a producer. Kristian is currently working on his solo project and debut album under the alias Counterblast.